recipe: Norwegian Wood Cocktail / by Anna DeMarco-Mills


We're kicking off our recipe series with a Norwegian Wood Cocktail from our Pickling with Phickle workshop. The cocktail was a huge hit and with fresh fruit, rosemary and simple syrup, why wouldn't it be?

You will need:
fresh berries of your choosing
fresh rosemary
simple syrup (it's just equal amounts sugar and water boiled and cooled)
ginger ale or sprite

1. So, you start with muddling some fresh berries and a rosemary sprig in a glass.

2. Add the juice from 1/2 lime.

3. Add simple syrup to taste (think about the amount of syrup like it was sugar packets in your iced tea), and as much vodka as you want.

4. Top off with some soda water, and voila!

Note: We ran out of vodka, and started making them with white wine. They were easily as delicious. Cheers!

Adapted from Sweet Paul Magazine.